Yinxiang Group
Product type real estate and research, development, manufacturing and sales of motorcycles, gasoline engines and general-purpose engines and equipments.
Country China
Introduced 1997; 26 years ago (1997)

The Yinxiang Group (银翔) is an industrial company based in Chongqing, China, specializing in real estate and research, development, manufacturing and sales of motorcycles, passenger vehicles, gasoline engines and general-purpose engines and equipment.


Yinxiang Motorcycle

The Yinxiang Motorcycle (Chinese: 银翔摩托; pinyin: Yínxiáng Móto) was founded in 1997. It is the motorcycle brand of Yinxiang Group.

Huansu (discontinued)

BAIC Yinxiang’s sub-brand Huansu, also spelled Hyosow, is a joint venture brand between the BAIC Group and Yinxiang Group that sells passenger cars.

  • Huansu C60
  • Huansu H2
  • Huansu H3
  • Huansu H6
  • Huansu S2
  • Huansu S3
  • Huansu S5
  • Huansu S6
  • Huansu S7

Bisu (discontinued)

With the experience of the BAIC Yinxiang joint venture, the Bisu brand was created. Bisu is a brand that sells crossovers and MPVs. When the T3 and T5 were discontinued in 2020, the brand was also discontinued.

  • Bisu M3 (2016-2019)
  • Bisu T3 (2016-2020)
  • Bisu T5 (2016-2020)


Weiwang is a brand under the Beiqi (BAIC) Yinxiang Automobile joint venture that focuses on compact MPVs, CUVs, and minivans.

  • Weiwang 205
  • Weiwang 306
  • Weiwang 307
  • Weiwang 407 EV
  • Weiwang M20
  • Weiwang M30
  • Weiwang M35
  • Weiwang M50F
  • Weiwang M60
  • Weiwang S50


Qingchengshidai VC

The BAIC Ruixiang is another brand launched after the original BAIC Yinxiang went bankrupt in April 2021 when a Chongqing court rules over the bankruptcy and re-organization proceedings. A total of 2 billion yuan was later invested in the company as of 2021, and it was renamed to BAIC Ruixiang Automobile. 300 million yuan comes from BAIC Group through a newly established subsidiary of Chongqing Changhe Automobile, 487 million came from the original Yinxiang Group and 1.2 billion came from an investment fund owned by the Chongqing municipal government. The Ruixiang brand was launched with the introduction of the Ruixiang X5 and X3, with three rebadged vehicles later joined the lineup in 2022 under the Boteng series.

  • Ruixiang C5 EV
  • Ruixiang X3
  • Ruixiang X5 (originally the VGV TX7)
  • Ruixiang Boteng V1
  • Ruixiang Boteng V2
  • Ruixiang Boteng M3
  • Ruixiang Hoen O2 (originally the Qingchengshidai VC, 轻橙时代 VC)

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